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Chief general of Carthage
(247-182 BC)

Other names: 'the grace of Baal'[16]

Positions Held

Sufete, 196 BC[J31]

Main Events

Brought most of Spain under his control, 221-219 BC.[16]
Made an alliance with Philip V of Macedon, 215 BC.[J31]
Marched on Rome in 211 BC.[J31]
Surrendered to Rome, 211 BC.[J31]
Final peace treaty is made with Rome, 201 BC.
Exiled himself from  Carthage to Syria, 195 BC.[J31]
Joined Antiochus III against Rome.[J31]
Later, committed suicide by poisoning himself to avoid Roman capture.[J31]

Place of death and burial: Bithynia[J31]


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