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Guillaume de Varie
Seigneur de l'Isle-Savary

Other Titles

Seigneur de Feularde[R13]
Seigneur de Varie[R13]
Ennobled, 1448[R13]

Positions Held

Minister of finance for Languedoc, 1461[R13]
Général des finances to Louis XI[R13]
Comptroller of extraordinary revenues for Languedoc, 1448[R13]
Equerry, 1448[R13]
Page of the bedchamber, 1448[R13]

Main Events

Purchases l'Isle-Savary from Charles de Gaucourt, 1464, and built a château.[R13]
Entered the silk trade and joined the Arte della Seta of Florence, 1450.[R13]


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