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Samuel-Jean Pozzi

Other names: 'Siren',[1] 'Doctor God'[1]


Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour, 1914[2]
Commandeer of the Legion of Honour, 1904[2]
Officer of the Legion of Honour, 1894[2]
Knight of the Legion of Honour, 1886[2]

Positions Held

Senator for Dordogne, 1898
Member of the Academy of Medicine in Paris, 1896[1]
President of the Society of Anthropology, 1888[1]
Member of the Society of Anthropology, 1870[1]


A surgeon and pioneer of modern gynaecology, he came from a Huguenot Swiss-Italian family. In 1864, he enrolled in the Medical School of Paris, and later had various appointments as an intern. When the Franco-Prussian was declared in 1870, he was part of the second-aid staff of the Military Health Service. In 1875, he was a professor in the Medical School of Paris. He held various posts including surgeon to the public lunatic asylum of the Seine Department (1874), director of the Surgical Department at the Lourcine hospital (1883), and Professor of the first chair of gynaecology in Medical School of Paris (1901). He had a relationship with the actress Sarah Bernhardt, and later performed surgery on her twice. He was murdered by a patient after refusing to give him a second operation.[1]

Place of birth: Bergerac, Dordogne[1]
Place of death: Paris[1]
Place of burial: Bergerac, Dordogne[1]



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2. Ministère de la Culture: Archives Nationales. Présentation de la base de données Léonore (Légion d'honneur)

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