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Guglielmo Grasso
Count of Malta


Positions Held

Admiral of Sicily[2]


From Genoa, he was initially involved in commercial activities, but then became a corsair and sea commander, attacking ships in the Aegeanon near the Anatolian coast. After 1196, he became active in Sicily, and was in the service of Emperor Heinrich VI.[2]  Before Heinrich's coronation, Guglielmo was confirmed with the title of Count of Malta (c. 1192-94), along with all its rights, heritable to his heirs in perpetuity. A house (funduq) belonging to the royal curia in Messina was also granted to them.[4] He also became Admiral of Sicily. After the Emperor's death in 1197, he returned to Genoa, but was recalled by Philip of Swabia in 1199 to join his fleet in the invasion of Sicily. He was imprisoned for his opposition to the imperial seneschal Markward von Anweiler in 1201, and died there after Genoan attempts to free him failed.[1] The historian Karl Hopf theorised that he was the son of Margaritone da Brindisi.[2]

Guglielmo married in Genoa on or after 1196 to Romana Campanario (her dowry agreement of 1196 names her mother as Richelda and brother Guglielmo Campanario). Their daughter married Enrico di Castello.[2]


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