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Johann Ludwig Casper

Positions Held

Physician, privy medical counsellor[1]


A physician and professor of medicine, Johann Ludwig initially devoted himself to chemistry, but from 1817, he 1817 he has turned to the study of medicine. He first studied in Berlin, later in Göttingen, and finally in Halle, where he obtained his doctorate in 1819. After a major scientific journey through France and England, the fruits of which he described in his Charakteristik der französischen Medicin, mit vergleichenden Hinblicken auf die englische, (Leipzig, 1822), he returned to Berlin in 1822, where he obtained his habilitation two years later as a private docent to the medical faculty in pathology and state medicine. The following year, he became a professor and 'Medizinalrat' in the newly established Medicinal College of the Province of Brandenburg. In 1834 he became a member of the scientific deputation (the highest body in Prussia with authority over all questions relating to medical science), in 1839 he became professor for 'Medicina forensis und publica', and in 1841 he received a job as a court physicist in Berlin, the royal capital. Johann Ludwig remained in all of these positions until his sudden death. Apart from his outstanding work in the field of state medicine, the focus of his achievements is on the reform of the science of medicine in Germany, and on his academic activity, with which he embarked on a new fruitful course In 1850 with his involvement in the training centre for forensic medicine whose directorate he took over and continued until his death.[1]

His accomplishments did not lag behind his aspirations;, but his unsurpassed acclaim speaks of his successes as a teacher, where the influence of his lectures and his practical instruction could not only be found in the study of medicine and jurisprudence, but also in the work carried out by physicians and foreign scholars. In addition to his work as a court physician and academic, he was involved extensively in medical practice and developed a great literary diligence in various fields of medicine

Place of birth and death: Berlin[1]




1. Allgemeine deutsche Biographie, vol. 4. Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot, 1876.

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