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Ali Quli Khan Istajlu,
Sher Afghan

Other names: Asta Fillo[E78], 'Ali Kulil Beg[E78]


Created Sher Afghan, 1599[K16]

Positions Held

Table attendant to Shah Ismail II of Persia until 1578[K16]


His daughter by Nur Jahan was Ladli Begum (Banu Begum/Bahu Begum) who married Prince Shahryar in 1621.[K16]
After killing a lion, he was awarded the title of Sher Afghan Khan.[E78]
He murdered Qutbuddin Khan Koka and was then killed himself by Qutbuddin's men.[K16]

Place of death: Bardwan[E78]
Place of burial: Barddhaman, Bengal[K16]


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