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Sir Richard Steele

Other names: Isaac Bickerstaff (pseudonym)[F76]


Knighted, 1715[F76]

Positions Held

Governor of the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, 1714-20 (revoked)[F76]
MP for Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, 1715[F76]
Surveyor of the royal stables at Hampton Court, 1714[F76]
MP for Stockbridge, Hampshire, 1713-14 (expelled)[F76]
A commissioner of stamps, 1710[F76]-13[J92]
Editor of the London Gazette, 1707.[F76]
Gentleman waiter to Prince George of Denmark, 1706-1808[F76]
Army captain, 1697
Private secretary to Lord Cutts[F76]


Essayist, dramatist, and politician.[F76]
Joined the Life Guards, 1692-95.[F76]
Joined the Coldstream Guards, 1695.[F76]
Co-managed the Drury Lane theatre.[F76]
Author (with Joseph Addison) of The Tatler and The Spectator, and in 1713, The Guardian.[F76]

Place of birth: St Bride's parish, Dublin[F76]
Place of baptism (1672): St Bride's parish, Dublin[F76]
Place of second marriage: St Mary Somerset, London[F76]
Place of death: Carmarthen, Carmathenshire, Wales[F76]
Place of burial: St Peter's Church, Carmathen[F76]

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