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Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen

Positions Held

Polish court Jew[3K]
Parnas of the Brest-Livotsk Jewish comminity[3S]


He went to Brest-Livotsk for studies and remained there where he became a rich merchant. According to legend, he replaced Stephen Batthory as king of Poland for one day during the interregnum of 1587, or he only performed a high royal function. He was granted the status of 'servus regis' by King Sigismund III, 1589. According to Bershadski, he died after 1622.[3S] He built a synagogue in Brest to the memory of his wife Deborah.[7]

Place of birth: Padua[5]
Place of death: Brest-Litovsk[5]
Place of burial: Brest-Litovsk[5]



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