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Massinissa I
King of Numidia
(c238-148 BC)

Other Titles

King of the Massylies, 203 BC[K7A]


Educated at Carthage.[K7A]
A protégé of Hasdrubal Gisco.[D96]
Betrothed to Sophoniba, daughter of Hasdrubal, but she was married to Syphax instead.[K7A]
Fought with his father for Carthage against Rome and Syphax.[D96]
Lacumazes relinquished his claim to the throne of the Massylies in his favour, c. 204 BC, but Syphax invaded, expelled Massinissa and annexed the kingdom.[K7A]
Allied with Rome to defeat the Carthaginians and Syphax 203 BC.[K7A]
Ruled united Numidia through a treaty with Rome, 201 BC, allowing him to gradually possess Carthaginian territories which eventually led to the third and final war between Rome and Carthage in 149 BC.[K7A]


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