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Royal Genealogy

Henri de Gramont
Marquis de Séméac

Other Titles

Comte de Toulongeon[5]
Vicomte d'Orthe, 1644[5]
Baron de Gessé, 1645[5]
Baron de Seignans, 1645[5]
Baron de Maraupré, 1645[5]
Baron de Cabreton, 1645[5]
Baron de Hastingues, 1645[5]
Baron de Guissens, 1645[5]
Baron de Bardos, 1645[5]
Bishop of Acqs[5]
Bishop of Lascar[5]

Positions Held

Lieutenant general of Bigorre, 1670[5]
Lieutenant general of Béarn, 1667[5]
Lieutenant general of Navarre, 1667[5]
Lieutenant general of the armies of Guyenne, 1652[5]
State Counsellor to the King, 1646[5]
Privy Counsellor to the King, 1646[5]
Maréchal-des-Camps & Armées of the King, 1646[5]
Governor of Bayonne, 1645[5]
Bailiwick of Labour, 1645[5]


Participated in the siege of Arras, 1640.[5]


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