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Martha Gellhorn


O'Henry Prize[R81]


Novelist, journalist and writer.[R81]
Daughter of George Gellhorn (born in Ohlau, near Breslau, Poland; son of a cigar maker named Adolph; he settled in St Louis in 1900 and became a gynaecologist and obstetrician there) and his wife Edna Fischel (a suffragette and social reformer). Her brothers were George (*1902), Walter (*1904) and Alfred (*1913).[R18]
Sent to Europe in 1944 by Collier's to cover the war.[R18]
Covered the Nuremberg Trials and other events in Europe, Africa, Vietnam, Panama and Cuba.[R18]
Adopted an orphaned Italian child she named Sandy Gellhorn, 1949.[R18]
She married her second husband, Time Magazine editor Tom Matthews, in 1954, and divorced him in 1963.[R18]
Most likely committed suicide.[R81]

Place of birth: St Louis, Missouri[R81]
Place of first marriage: Cheyenne, Wyoming[R81]
Place of second marriage: London, England[R81]
Place of death: London, England[R81]



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