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Ernest Hemingway

Honours and Awards

Nobel Prize for Literature, 1954[K17]
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 1953[K17]
Bronze Star, 1947(USA)[K17]


Novelist, short-story writer, and journalist. His career included Kansas City Star, reporter, 1917-18; American Red Cross ambulance driver in Italy,[U75] 1918-19 (discharged after being wounded);[K17] Toronto Star Weekly, writer, 1920; Cooperative Commonwealth, writer, 1921; Toronto Star, correspondent, 1922-24; North American Newspaper Alliance, correspondent in Spain, 1937-38; PM, correspondent, 1941; Colliers, correspondent, 1944.[U75]

Place of birth: Oak Park, Illinois[K17]
Place of first marriage: Horton Bay, Michigan[K17]
Place of second marriage: Paris[K17]
Place of third marriage: Cheyenne, Wyoming[K17]
Place of fourth marriage: Havana, Cuba[K17]
Place of death: Havana, Cuba[K17]

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