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Sir Richard Hoghton
1st Baronet


Other names: Richard Houghton[K1]

Positions Held

Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire, 1613-30[C23]
Commissioner for aid, Lancs., 1609[C23]
Commissioner for subsidy, Lancs., 1608, 1621-22 & 1624[C23]
Commissioner for sewers, Lancs., 1607[C23]
Keeper of Myerscough Park, 1603-21 suspended[C23]
Steward, master forester, master of the game for Bowland and Quernmore, Lancs., 1603-21 suspended[C23]
Master forester for Myerscough, Amounderness and Bleasdale, 1603-21 suspended[C23]
Knight of the Shire for Lancaster, 1601 & 1604-05[C23]
Commissioner for musters, Lancs., 1600[C23]
Sheriff of Lancashire, 1598-99[C23]
J.P. in West Riding, Yorks., 1597-98[C23]
J.P. in Lancashire, c1593-1630[C23]
Freeman, Preston by 1582[C23]

Main Events

Of Houghton Tower, Lancaster.[C23]
Ward of Sir Gilbert Gerard whose daughter he married.[C23]
Knighted 1600 by Queen Elizabeth.[K1]
Purchased his baronetcy, 1611.[C23]
Entertained King James I at Houghton Tower, 1617, which was to contribute to his near-bankruptcy.[C23]
Jane Hesketh (Spencer) was described as his widow but there is no evidence that they married.[C23]
Sent to Fleet Prison for debts, 1619, he spent the rest of his life appealing for reprieves.[C23]


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