Bogudes II
King of the western Mauri
(-c31 BC)

Main Events

Confirmed as king of his territory by Caesar.[D96]
Joined Caesar's forces in Spain in 47 BC resulted in the Pompeiian invasion of Mauretania in 46 BC.[D96]
Returned to fight in Spain in 45 BC at the Battle of Munda.[D96]
His capital was at Iol.[D96]
Invaded Spain, 38 BC.[D96]
His subjects rose against him and he abandoned his kingdom to Bocchus II to join Mark Antony in the East, never to return.[D96]
Killed at Methone during Marcus Agrippa's attack.[D96]
Died without an heir.[D96]
His exact relationship to the rest of the family is not known.[D96]


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