Bocchus II
King of the eastern Mauri
(->33 BC)

Other Titles

King of the Mauri (east and west), >33 BC[D96]

Main Events

His capital was at Volubilis.[D96]
Sided with Caesar against Juba II and Massinissa II and was rewarded with the western part of Massinissa's kingdom.[K7A]
Confirmed as king of his territory by Caesar.[D96]
Lost the lands after Arabio invaded and regained his father's kingdom in 44 BC.[K7A]
Octavius confirmed him as king of his own territory as well as Bogudes II's, >38 BC.[D96]
He had sons, but they probably died in the civil war as they are not mentioned.[D96]
He died apparently without an heir.[D96]


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