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Louis III
Duke of Anjou

Other Titles

Titular King of Naples, 1417-34†
Titular King of Sicily, 1417-34†
Titular King of Jerusalem, 1417-34†
Duke of Touraine, 1424
Count of Maine, 1417-34є
Count of Provence, 1417-34†
Count of Forcalquier

Positions Held

Governor of Calabria, 1423


Louis succeeded to his father in 1417 under the regency of his mother, Yolande of Aragon. Recognised as heir to his father by Pope Martin V in 1419, Louis went to Naples to conquer the kingdom from his rival, King Alfonso V of Aragon. He appeared before Naples with fourteen vessels and a considerable army. Sforza Attendolo, constable of Sicily, proclaimed him king. Master of the greater part of the country, he was going to drive out his rival, when he died. Louis had been adopted by Queen Joan II of Naples in 1423 after she previously favoured King Alfonso V of Aragon. Louis had been granted Touraine by King Charles VIII of France, and had taken part in the war against the English. He was married at the age of seven to Catherine of Burgundy. Childless, he was succeeded by his brother René.

Place of birth: Anjou
Place of death: Cosenza
Place of burial: Saint-Maurice d'Angers



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