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Charles V
Comte du Maine

Other names: Charles IV

Other Titles

Titular King of Naples, 1480-81†
Titular King of Sicily, 1480-81†
Titular King of Jerusalem, 1480-81†
Comte d'Anjou, 1480 dep.
Duca di Calabria
Charles III, Comte de Provence, 1480-81†
Comte de Guise
Comte de Forcalquier
Vicomte de Châtellerault
Seigneur de Mezieres
Seigneur d'Aumale
Seigneur de Fertж-Bernard


Charles was brought up at the court of his uncle René, king of Sicily, and he inherited his estates and his fortune in 1480, but he did not enjoy them for long. King Louis XI, who coveted Anjou, wasted no time in issuing his suzerain claims in default of direct male heir, and claimed Anjou for the crown. Charles, dreading such an adversary, yielded without opposition. With Provence, however, Louis XI appeared at first favourable to his interests, and the lords of this country regularly returned tribute to their count; but Charles had to deal with the grandson of his uncle and predecessor, René de Lorraine, son of Yolande, who manifested his hostile intentions by sending an army in Provence. Thanks to the intervention of Louis XI, the Lorraine troops were beaten and dispersed; but this intervention had to be paid for and, by bribing Palamède-Forbin, prime minister of the Count of Provence, Louis XI was named Charles' heir by his will dated 19 December 1481. Charles died the next day and Louis XI inherited his French domains and his claims. René de Lorraine tried to protest over Provence, but did so in vain. Louis XI had coveted this beautiful estate and had acquired it through a series of intrigues.

Place of death: Marseille
Place of burial: Saint-Sauveur, Aix



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