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Royal Genealogy

Pietro Tomasi
12th Principe di Lampedusa

Other Titles and Honours

13th Duca di Palma, 1957-62†[J8]
'Marchese della Torretta'[J8]
Barone di Montechiaro, 1957-62†[J8]
Barone della Torretta, 1957-62†[J8]
Grandee of Spain, First Class, 1957-62†[J8]

Positions Held

President of the Senate, 1945-46[J8]
Ambassador of Italy to London, 1922-27[J7]
Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, 1921[J8]
Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1921-22[J7]
Ambassador of Italy to St Petersburg, 1919[J8]
Ambassador of Italy to Vienna, 1919[J8]
Envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary (second class) to Bavaria, 1915[J8]
Senator of the Italian Republic[J8]

Main Events

Place of birth: Palermo[J7]
Place of marriage: London
Place of death: Rome[J7]


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