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Bardo Mancini

Positions Held

One of the sixteen Gonfalonieri di Compagnia, 1397 (representing the Santa Croce quarter, gonfalone Bue)[8]
Gonfaloniere of Justice of the Signoria of Florence, 1387 (representing the Santa Croce quarter)[8]
One of the Dodici Buonomini of Florence, 1385-86 (representing the Santa Croce quarter)[8]
Consul of the Florentine Mercanzia, 1385 and 1392[6]
One of the Dieci di Balia of Florence, 1381 and 1393[6]


Bardo was matriculated at the banker's guild in 1364, and from 1367 to 1377, he was active in the banking business. He became involved in politics during the last ten years of his life. Having sided with del Palagi during the Ciompi crisis in 1378, he was excluded from holding public office for three years in 1379 by his opponents. He started his political career as a member of the balia. As gonfaloniere, he took advantage of his position to further his partisan aims which lead to the ostracising of the Alberti and Martinelli families. He later carried out a number of ambassadorial roles.[6]

Place of birth: Florence[6]


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