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Olympe Mancini

Other names: Madame la Comtesse[7]

Positions Held

Superintendent of the Queen's Household, 1657-79, res.[7]


She went to France, 1648, and later had an affair with Louis XIV.[7]   She was superseded for a time in the king’s favour by her sister Marie, but she soon regained her ascendancy, and they lived openly together. When her husband died suddenly in 1673, it was suspected that she poisoned him.[11]  She was implicated in the Affaire des Poisons in 1680,[7] but was considered to have been innocent as regarded the death of her husband, and nothing was proved against her in connection with Voisin.  She was however prosecuted by Louvois and she fled to Brussels, where she barely escaped being mobbed, and spent the rest of her life in various countries. While in Spain, where she met her fugitive sister Marie.  King Charles II attributed the sudden and premature death of bis wife, Louise of France, to the frequent and clandestine visits which Olympe had paid to the queen in her illness, and to some milk which she bad prepared for her shortly before her death. The celebrated soldier Prince Eugene of Savoy was one of her five sons.[11]

Place of birth: Rome, Italy[3]
Place of marriage: Compiègne, France[7]
Place of death: Brussels, Belgium[7]




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