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Marie Mancini


Raised in a convent until the age of ten, Marie went to France with her mother and sister Hortense and was sent to the Convent of des Filles Sainte-Marie de Chaillot for her education.[12] She had an affair with Louis XIV before his marriage for two years from 1656[3], but Cardinal Mazarin opposed the match, and sent Marie to a convent in Brouages until Louis married. Marie was married off to the prince of Paliano, and she left for Italy.[12] After the birth of her third son in 1665, relations with her husband soured. In 1672, she fled Italy with her sister Hortense and they went to France for the King's protection and support, but he refused to receive them. Marie ended up moving around Europe and finally settling in Spain. Because of her husband's continued influence on the rulers and governors of the lands through which she travelled, her freedom was limited, and she was confined in convents or fortresses (from which she managed to flee on a number of occasions, causing scandal) when possible  After her husband was in Spain for the preparation of their son's wedding, she did stay with him in 1680 in Saragossa. That year, she was suddenly arrested, apparently because she was keeping a lover under the same roof, and was imprisoned in the Alcazar of Segovia until 1681. She was only released after agreeing to become a nun, and entered the Hieronymite convent of the Conception as a novice. Never taking her vows, she remained there until 1686 when the pope forced her to leave, and she resided in another religious establishment. She refused to return to her husband, and only returned to Rome in 1691 after his death. She returned to Spain in the same year, and was in the service of Queen Mariana. After the death of Carlos II, she was asked to leave Spain. From 1691, she made a number of trips to  France (she declined an invitation from Louis XIV to visit Versailles in 1705), and spent the rest of her years in Italy. She published her memoirs in 1677.[3]

Place of birth: Rome[3]
Place of baptism: Church of Santa Maria in Via Lata, Rome (1639)[2]
Place of death: Pisa[3]



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