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Marie-Anne Mancini


Marie-Anne had been sent to live in a convent until Cardinal Mazarin instructed her to leave for France in 1655 for an arranged marriage. She was sent to the Convent of Montreuil by her husband in 1675, possibly due to a scandal between her and the comte de Louvigny, but she returned to court after a short absence. She was brought to trial in 1680 for her alleged involvement in the Affaire des Poisons, accused of planning to poison her husband, but she was acquitted.[7] Louis XIV nevertheless exiled her to Nérac from 1680 to 1682, and then had her exiled again from 1685 to 1690.[3] During those years, she lived in England, Venice and Rome. She was permitted to return to Paris in 1690. Her society was courted by eminent men of letters,[11] and she was the first person who patronised La Fontaine the fabulist, who praised her in his letters.[6]

Place of birth: Rome[3]
Place of baptism: Church of Santa Maria in Via Lata, Rome (1649)[2]
Place of marriage: Louvre[2]
Place of death: Clichy, near Paris[2]



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