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Royal Genealogy

Louis Mancini-Mazarini
12th Duc de Nevers

Other names: Louis-Jules-Barbon[2]

Other Titles and Honours

Duc de Nevers et de Donziois, 1730-98†[4]
Seigneur de Donzy, 1730-98†[4]
Prince de Vergagne 1730-98†[4]
Noble of Venice, 1738[2]
Grandee of Spain, First Class, 1738-98†[4]
Knight of the Orders of the King (France), 1758[4]

Positions Held

Minister of state, 1787[4]
Governor and lieutenant general of Nevers and of Donziois, 1768[4]
Governor of Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier, 1768[4]
French ambassador to London, 1762-63[4]
Lieutenant general of the duchies of Lorraine and Bar, 1758-59[4]
French ambassador to Berlin, 1756[4]
French ambassador to Rome, 1748-53[4]
Infantry brigadier, 1743[4]
Member of the Académie Française, 1742-43[4]


He was a distinguished French litterateur and diplomatist. He was employed in several important missions, and in 1763 negotiated the treaty between England and France. He made translations from the Latin, English, and Italian, and wrote a number of fables, which were highly esteemed. He was a member of the French Academy. Baptised.[6]

Place of birth: Paris[4]
Place of death: Paris[4]




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