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Federico da Montefeltro
1st Duca d'Urbino


Conte d'Urbino, 1444-82[V3]
Count of Montefeltro, 1444-82[V3]
Count of Durante[V3]
Signore di Fossombrone, 1445 (purchased)[V3]
Signore of Gubbio[V3]
Knight of the Order of the Ermine, 1482 (Naples)[V3]
Knight of the Order of the Garter, 1474 (England)[V3]
Knight of the Empire, 1433 (Holy Roman Empire)[V3]

Positions Held

Gonfalonier of the Roman Church, 1465[V3]
Captain-general of the Italian League[V3]
Captain-general of Naples[V3]


Declared himself the first duke of Urbino, despite his half-brother having been created duke in 1443.[V3]
His parentage has been disputed and the identity of his mother is uncertain.[V3]
Legitimised, 1422, by Pope Martin V.[V3]
Fought against the Malatesta, 1440, and was wounded at Campi.[V3]
Fought at the Battle of Anghiari on the side of Milan, 1440.[V3]
Captured the citadel of San Leo, 1440.[V3]
Excommunicated, 1446 for siding with the Sforza.[V3]
Lost his right eye and part of his nose in a tournament at Urbino, 1450.[V3]
In the service of Naples, 1450 and fought in the campaigns in Tuscany, but returned home by 1453 due to a serious illness.[V3]
Back in the service of Naples, 1457.[V3]
Fought against the Malatesta, from 1458, who lost much of their territories.[V3]
Captured Rimini, 1469, which he granted to Roberto Malatesta.[V3]
Called upon by Florence put down a revolt in Volterra, and he conquered the town, 1472.[V3]
Joined the Este of Ferrara in their war against Venice, 1482, but was struck down by a fever and died.[V3]

Place of birth: Gubbio[V3]
Place of death: Ferrara[V3]



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