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Petrija Obrenović

Other names: Petrija Perka


After her elder brother died when still young, Petrija was became the eldest child of Milos and she was particularly close to her father.  Being a conservative man, Milos did not have his daughters educated, so Petrija was illiterate.  After the birth of her sons, she learned to read and write and maintained written correspondence with her father and brother Mihailo.  She is considered the first Serbian woman to marry in a European wedding dress.

Place of birth: Brusnica, Gornji Milanovac

Place of marriage: Belgrade



Cerka mezimica kneza Miloša i prva Srpkinja u vencanici: Ovo je neverovatan život Petrije Obrenovic! Stil magazin, 28 May 2019.

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