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Sir Owen Tudor

Other names: Owain ap Maredudd ap Tudur[R79]

Positions Held

Clerk of the Queen's Wardrobe[T77]
Keeper of the Parks of north Wales, 1460[R79]


Possibly married to Queen Catherine between 1425 and 1428, but there is no evidence of this. Their children were regarded as bastards.[71]
Chamber servant to the household of Queen Catherine (de Valois) of England around 1427 whom he later married.[R79]
Returned to Wales after Catherine's death, but was arrested and imprisoned at Newgate, London.[R79]
Escaped in 1438, but was captured weeks alter and imprisoned at Windsor.[R79]
Pardoned in 1439 by Henry VI.[R79]
Led the Lancastrian forces at Mortimer's Cross, 1461, but was captured and executed.[R79]

Place of birth: Plas Penmynydd, Wales[71]
Place of death: Hereford[71]
Place of burial: Grey Friars' Church, Hereford[71]


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