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Sir Jasper Tudor
cr Duke of Bedford

Other names: Jasper of Hatfield,
[F76] Jasper ap Meredith ap Tudor,[T77] Jasper Owen[T77]

Other Titles and Honours

Earl of Pembroke, 1453-61, att.; 1470-71, att; 1485-95†
Lord of Glamorgan
, 1486-95†[39]
Lord of Abergavenny, 1486-95†[39]
Lord of Sudeley, Glos, 1486[F76]
Lord of Haverford, 1488[F76]
Lord of Builth, 1491[F76]
Knight of the Garter, <1459 (England)[71]
Knighted, 1449[39I]

Positions Held

Bearer of the crown of Queen Catherine at her coronation, 1487[45]
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1486-94[45]
Justiciar of South Wales, 1485[T77]
Lord Attendant on Henry VI [T77]
Privy Councillor, 1453[T77]
King's councillor[F76]
Constable of Carmathen Castle[T77]
Constable of Aberystwyth Castle[T77]
Constable of Carkery Castle[T77]
Constable of Denbigh Castle[T77]
Constable of Gloucester Castle[T77]
High Steward of Oxford University[T77]

Main Events

Of Hatfield.[45D]
Fought at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross, 1461.[T77]
A Lancastrian, he was attained in 1461.[45D]
Fled to Brittany after his role in the battle of Barnet, 1471.[45]
Present at the Battle of Bosworth Field, 1485.[T77]
Granted the castles and manors of Abergavenny, Glamorgan and Haverfordwest.[T77]
Fought at the Battle of Stoke, 1487.[T77]
Will dated 15 Dec. 1495.[T77]
After his death, the Bedford title was extinct.[39A]

Place of birth: Hatfield, Herts.[71]
Place of burial: Keynsham Abbey, Somerset[71]


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