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Henry Fitzroy
Duke of Richmond

Other Titles and Honours

Duke of Somerset, 1525
Earl of Nottingham, 1525
Knight of the Garter, 1525 (England)

Positions Held

Warden of the Cinque Ports, c. 1536[39I]
Chamberlain of North Wales, 1536[39I]
Chamberlain of Chester, 1536[39I]
Lieutenant of the Order of the Garter, 1533[39I]
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1529[39I]
Warden General of the Marches of Scotland, 1525[39I]
Lord High Admiral, 1525[39I]

Main Events

The only bastard acknowledged by Henry VIII.[71]
He had no issue.[45E]

Place of birth: Blackmore, co. Essex[39I]
Place of death: St James' Palace[45E]
Place of burial: Cluniac priory, Thetford[45E]


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