Julien Lezard

Other names: Lizzie[1]

Positions Held


Main Events

A tennis player who played in Wimbledon until 1930 and in the Davis Cup, he became a compulsive gambler and faced the Bankruptcy Court in 1937. His wife organised that he be sent to Kenya in 1939 and there he joined the King's African Rifles. He afterwards became a lieutenant in Field Intelligence Services. A member of the notorious 'Happy Valley' set, he gave evidence at the trial where Sir Delves Broughton was acquitted for the murder of the Earl of Erroll in 1841. That year, he was transferred to Sudan and then Cairo, and in 1943, he joined the Special Air Services. He died during a minor surgical procedure.[1]

Place of death: London[1]
Place of death: St Peter and St Paul cemetery, Great Missenden, Bucks.[1]



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