Zog I
King of the Albanians

Other names: Ahmed bey Zog,[1] Skėnderbeg III[2]

Other Titles and Honours

Hereditary Governor of Mati, 1911[1]
Chief of the Gheg clan, 1911[2]
Knight of the Order of St Stephen of Hungary, 1938 (Hungary)[2]
Knight of the Order of Leopold, 1929 (Belgium)[2]
Knight of the Order of the Annunziata, 1928 (Italy)[2]
Grand Collar of the Order of Carol I, 1928 (Romania)[2]
Knight of the Legion of Honour, 1926 (France)[2]
Commander of the Order of Franz Josef, with swords, 1918 (Austria)[2]
Knight of the Order of the Golden Lion of Nassau (Luxembourg/Netherlands)[2]
Collar of the Order of Muhammad ‘Ali (Egypt)[2]
Grand Cross of the Order of the Star of Karageorge (Serbia)[2]
Knight Grand Cross of the Orders of Saint Maurice and Saint Lazarus (Italy)[2]
Knight of the Order of the Redeemer (Greece)[2]
National Merit (Bulgaria)[2]
Knight of the Order of the White Eagle (Poland)[2]
Order of the White Lion, first class with collar (Czekoslavakia)[2]
Grand Star of the Decoration of Honour for Merit (Austria)[2]

Positions Held

Field Marshal, Royal Albanian Army 1928[2]
President of Albania, 1925-28[1]
Minister for War, 1925[2]
Prime Minister of Albania 1922-24 deposed; January 1925[1]
General and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces, 1921-22[2]
Governor of Skutari, 1920-21[2]
Minister for the Interior, 1920, 1921-24 & 1925[2]
Colonel of the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Army, 1916[2]
Colonel, 1912[2]

Main Events

After World War I, Zog sided with Austria, and then became one of the leaders of Albania's Popular Party. He was exiled in 1924, but with the help of Yugoslavia, he returned and was elected president of Albania the following year. As king, Albania enjoyed a period of relative peace, but he made Albania financially dependant on Italy, and Mussolini his primary ally. By 1939, Italy controlled the nation's finances and Mussolini finally made Albania an Italian protectorate with Vittorio Emanuele III as its king. After the Italian invasion, Zog fled the country. He eventually abdicated in 1946.[3]

Place of birth: Burgajet[3]
Place of marriage: Tirana[1]
Place of death: Suresnes, France[3]
Place of burial: Tirana, in 2012[3]



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