Theatrical roles of Sir Henry Irving


Play Title


Princess Theatre, London: 24 Sept. to 16 Nov. 1859
1 Ivy Hall Johnson
2 The Two Polts Jack Bumpus
3 Hamlet Osric
4 A Wonderful Woman Rudolphe
Queen's Theatre and Opera House, Edinburgh: 23 to 30 November 1859
Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate, London: 19 Dec. 1859 to 8 Feb. 1860
1 The Lady of Lyons [dramatic reading]
2 Virginius [dramatic reading]
Queen's Theatre, Dublin: 5 to 31 March 1860
1 The Boots at the Swan Frank Friskly
2 The British Legion; or, The Volunteers Colonel Davenport
3 The Castle Spectre Earl Percy
4 The Courier of Lyons Didier
5 The Critic Dangle
6 Gissipus; or, The Forgotten Friend Titus Quintus Fulvius
7 Hamlet Laertes
8 Nicholas Nickleby Nicholas Nickleby
9 Othello Cassio
10 Pauline; or, A Night of Terror Lucien de Nerval
11 The Winter's Tale Florizel
Theatre Royal, Glasgow and Greenock: 9 April to 4 August 1860
1 The Anchor of Hope Captain Walton
2 Black Eyed Susan Captain Crosstree
3 The Bohemians of Paris Paul Didier
4 The Bottle Imp Nicola
5 The Buckle of Brilliants; or, The Crown Prince Frederick Storke
6 Cool as a Cucumber Sir Harry Lester
7 The Corsican Brothers Baron Giordino
8 The Courier of Lyons Courriol
9 Cramond Brig King James V
10 The Cross of Gold; or, The Maid of Croissey Francis
11 A Curious Case Mr. Aubrey
12 The Dowager Sir Frederick Chasemore
13 El Hyder El Hyder
14 Everybody's Friend Mr. Icebrook
15 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Charles Digit
16 The Fair Maid of Perth Captain M'Intosh
17 Frederick of Prussia Adelbert
18 Gilderoy Gilderoy
19 Gio, The Armourer of Tyre Strato
20 A Handsome Husband Henry Fitzherbert
21 Hercules, King of Clubs Captain Darling
22 The Indian Revolt Achmet, Prince Jung Bahadour
23 The Jacobite Sir Richard Wroughton
24 The Lady of Lyons Beauseant
25 The Little Treasure Sir Charles Howard
26 The Maniac Lover Philip Darville
27 The Man o' Warsman Ned Martin
28 The Man With the Iron Mask D'Aubigné
29 The Marble Heart Frederick De Courcy
30 Married Life Frederick Younghusband
31 Memorandums in the Red Book Count de Cerny
32 The Merchant and the Mendicant Henry Pelham
33 A Midsummer Night's Dream Demetrius
34 Naval Engagements Lieut. Harry Kingston
35 Nick of the Woods Roland Farrester
36 Paul Pry Harry Stanley
37 Philip of France Sir Lucien de Larrante
38 The Pilot The Pilot, Captain Manson
39 The Porter's Knot Augustus Burr
40 A Pretty Piece of Business Felix Merryweather
41 The Ragpicker of Paris Henri Berville
42 Rob Ray Rashleigh Osbaldiston
43 A Rough Diamond Captain Blenheim
44 Time Tries All Matthew Bates
45 The Vagrant and His Wife Maillard
46 The Ways of the World Charles Love
47 William Tell Gesslerr
48 Warlock of the Glen Clanronald
49 The Witch of the Windermere Captain Seymour
Theatre Royal, Manchester: 29 September 1860
1 The Spy Adolphe
Theatre Royal, Liverpool: 2 October 1860
1 Faust and Marguerite Faust
2 The Maid and the Magpie Fernando Villabella
Theatre Royal, Manchester: October 1860 to 1 April 1865
1 The Adventures of a Love Letter Arthur Clinton
2 Agnes de Vere Edward Evelyn
3 All That Glitters Is Not Gold Sir Arthur Lassel
4 The Artist's Wife Welford
5 As You Like It Orlando
6 Aurora Floyd Talbot Bulstrode
7 A Bachelor of Arts Adolphus Thornton
8 Belphegor D'Arpinal
9 Betsy Baker Mr. Crummy
10 Black Eyed Susan Captain Crosstree
11 Blanche of Nevers Prince Gonzagues
12 The Brigand Albert
13 Camilla's Husband Maurice Warner
14 The Charming Polly Nat Nowlan
15 Cinderella (pantomime) Clorinda (ugly sister)
16 The Colleen Bawn Hardress Cregan
17 The Comedy of Errors Antipholus of Syracuse
18 The Contested Election Mr. Wapshott
19 Cool As A Cucumber Frederick Barkins
20 The Corsican Brothers Montgiron
21 The Courier of Lyons Courriol
22 Cramond Brig King James V
23 The Critic Earl of Leicester
24 A Curious Case Charles
25 The Dark Cloud Philip Austin
26 David Copperfield David Copperfield
27 The Dead Letter Cornelius Nepos 
28 Deaf As A Post Captain Templeton
29 Deborah Joseph
30 Diamond Cut Diamond Captain Seymour
31 Doing the Hansom Mr. Everton
32 Dombey and Son Mr. Dombey
33 Douglas Young Norval
34 The Dowager Sir Frederick Chasemore
35 Everybody's Friend Mr. Icebrook
36 The Family Secret Frederick Crawford
37 Faust and Marguerite Faust 
38 Flies in the Web Paul Weldon
39 The Flowers of the Forest Alfred
40 The Fool's Revenge Serafino Dell'Aquila, Galeotto Manfredi
41 Fortune's Frolic Rattle
42 The Game of Speculation Sir Harry Lester
43 George Barnwell George Barnwell
44 Guy Faux   Walter Tresham
45 Guy Mannering Colonel Mannering
46 Hamlet Laertes, Hamlet
47 A Handsome Husband Henry Fitzherbert
48 Handy Andy Mr. Furlong
49 The Hansom Driver Felix Pottinger
50 A Hard Struggle Fergus Graham
51 The Heart of Midlothian Duke of Argyle
52 Henry IV (Part I) Prince of Wales
53 His Last Legs Charles
54 The Hunchback Sir Thomas Clifford
55 A Husband To Order Pierre Marceau
56 Irish Assurance Mr. Clifton
57 The Irish Emigrant Henry Travers
58 The Irish Lion Captain Dixon
59 The Iron Chest Wilford
60 The Island Home Charles Darrell
61 Jacob's Truck John Slipton Stasher
62 King John Philip of France
63 King Lear Edmund
64 A Kiss in the Dark Frank Fathorn
65 The Knight of Arva Duke of Chabonnes
66 The Knotting'em Brothers Joe Smith
67 The Ladies' Club Sir Charles Lavender
68 The Lady of Lyons Claude Melnotte
69 Little Toddlekins Captain Littlepop
70 The Little Treasure Captain Walter Maydenblush
71 Lord Flannigan Henri la Carge
72 Love and Lucre Horace Cheeryhale
73 Love's Sacrifice Eugene de Lorme
74 Macbeth Malcolm, Banquo
75 Manchester Wives Mr. Easy
76 Married Daughters and Young Husbands Digby Spooner
77 Masks and Faces Ernest Vane
78 Medea Jason
79 The Merchant of Venice Bassanio
80 The Merry Wives of Windsor Mr. Page
81 The Midnight Watch Marquis de Merville
82 The Miller and His Men Lothair
83 Miriam's Crime Bernard Reynolds
84 Money Captain Dudley Smooth
85 Mr. and Mrs. White Frank Brown
86 Much Ado About Nothing Claudio
87 Music Hath Charms Adrien de Beauval
88 My Aunt's Advice Charles Arundel
89 A New Way To Pay Old Debts Wellborn
90 A Nice Firm Ryder
91 Nicholas Nickleby Nicholas Nickleby
92 Nine Points of the Law Rodomont Rollingstone
93 No. 1 Round the Corner Flipper
94 Not a Bad judge Marquis de Treval
95 Othello Cassio
96 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Captain Prettyman
97 The Overland Route Captain Clavering
98 Paddy Miles' Boy Henry Coates
99 Paul Pry Harry Stanley
100 Payable on Demand Marquis de St. Cast
101 Peep O' Day Captain Howard
102 Perfection Charles Paragon
103 Playing With Fire Herbert Waverley
104 A Poor Gentleman Edmund Stubbs
105 The Poor of Manchester Oliver Random
106 The Porter's Knot Stephen Scatter
107 Raising the Wind Jeremy Diddler
108 The Rendezvous Captain Balding
109 Retained for the Defence Mr. Whitewash
110 Returned to Life Arthur Aubrey
111 Richard III Richmond, Duke of Buckingham
112 Richelieu De Mauprat
113 The Rival Pages Marquis de Preville
114 The Rivals Captain Absolute
115 Rob Roy Rashleigh Osbaldiston
116 A Roland for an Oliver Alfred Highflyer
117 Romance and Reality Frank Meredith
118 Romeo and Juliet Benvolio, Mercutio
119 The Rose of Amiens Count de Brissac
120 Rural Felicity Singleton Unit
121 The Scholar Frederick
122 The School for Scandal Sir Benjamin Backbite
123 The Secret M. Dupuis
124 The Serious Family Charles Torrens
125 She Stoops To Conquer Young Marlow
126 A Signal Engagement Count Theodore
127 Simpson and Co. Mr. Bromley
128 Single Life Narcissus Boss
129 Slowtop's Engagements Clarence Greyleaf
130 The Soft Sex Frank Goodenough
131 The Soldier's Daughter Frank Heartall
132 The Spectre Bridegroom Mr. Nicodemus
133 The Spitalfields Weaver Mr. Brown
134 Still Waters Run Deep Captain Hawksley
135 The Stranger Count Wintersen, Francis
136 Sweethearts and Wives Charles Franklin
137 Temptation Henry Travers
138 The Ticket of Leave Man Bob Brierly, Jem Dalton
139 Tit for Tat Don Carlos
140 Too Late for Dinner Frank Poppleton
141 The Trumpeter's Daughter Phillipot
142 An Unequal Match Henry Arncliffe
143 Used Up Ironbrace
144 The Wandering Boys Count de Croissy
145 Wanted 1,000 Spirited Young Milliners Tom Tipton
146 Where There's A Will There's A Way Don Scipio de Pompolino
147 Who Speaks First? Captain Charles
148 The Wife Leonardo Gonzaga
149 A Wonderful Woman Marquis de Frontignac
150 A Word in Your Ear Sir Hubert Denzil
151  Ye Merchant's Storye Paul Falconer
152 The Young Widow Mandeville
Theatre Royal, Oxford: August to September 1864
1 As You Like It Orlando
2 Betsy Baker Mr. Crummy
3 Flowers of the Forest Ishmael
4 The Green Bushes Connor O'Kennedy
5 Hamlet Hamlet
6 The Hunchback Sir Thomas Clifford
7 The Lady of Lyons Claude Melnotte
8 Love's Sacrifice Eugene de Lorme
9 Macbeth Macduff
10 Miriam's Crime Bernard Reynolds
11 The Ticket of Leave Man Bob Brierly
12 The Wonderful Woman Marquis de Frontignac
13 The Wife Julian St. Pierre


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Irving, L. Henry Irving: The Actor and His World. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1952.







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