Theatrical roles of Sir Henry Irving

Sir Henry Irving (born John Henry Brodribb, 6 Feb. 1838, Keinton Mandeville, Somerset, England–13 Oct. 1905, Bradford, Yorkshire) was one of the most celebrated English stage actors of his day. The leading interpreter and producer of Shakespearean plays, his professional partnership with actress Ellen Terry was one of the most famous in the history of English stage and lasted 24 years. He was also a theatre manager and managed the London Lyceum for over two decades. He was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1895, the first actor to receive such an honour, and this was to give theatre a respectable status.



Play Title


Lyceum Theatre, Sunderland; Theatre Royal, Edinburgh and Queen's Theatre and Operetta House, Edinburgh: 29 September 1856 to 13 September 1859
1 The Advocate's Daughter Herbert
2 All That Glitters IS Not Gold Sir Arthur Lassel, Stephen Plum, Jasper Plum
3 The Anchor of Hope Richard Hargrave
4 An Hour at Seville Peregrine Pyefinch
5 The Artist's Wife Lord Welford
6 Asmodeus Ferdinand, Count Medora
7 As You Like It Sylvius, Orlando
8 The Avalanche General Duclos
9 The Balance of Comfort Mr. Torrington
10 Barney the Baron Augustus
11 The Bashful Irishman Pester
12 Bathing John Beauchamp
13 The Battle of the Inch M'Kay, M'Intosh
14 The Bay of Biscay Tom Tunnell
15 Betsy Baker Mr. Crummy
16 The Beulah Spy Beauchamp
17  The Birthplace of Podgers Edmund Earlybird
18 Black Eyed Susan Seaweed, Lieutenant Pyke, Captain Crosstree
19 A Blighted Being Ned Spanker
20 The Blind Boy Prince Rodolph
21 The Boarding School Lieutenant Varley, Captain Harcourt
22 The Bohemians Paul Didier
23 Book III, Chap. I Edmond de Mailly
24 The Bonnie Fishwife Wildoates Heartycheer
25 Boots at the Swan    Henry Higgins, Frank Friskly
26 Born to Good Luck Count Manfredi
27 The Bottle Imp Albert

The Bride of Lammermoor

Captain Craigengelt
29 A Bright To-Morrow Philip
30 The British Legion Colonel Davenport
31 The Cabin Boy Vincent
32 The Cagot; or, Heart to Heart Antoine
33 The Carpenter of Rouen   De Saubigné
34 The Castle Spectre Earl Percy
35 Catching an Heiress Captain Killingly, Captain Poodle
36 Catherine and Petruchio Hortensio, Biondello
37 Charles XII King Charles
38 The Charming Polly Nat Nowlan
39 Clari, The Maid of Milan Duke Vivaldi
40 Conrad and Medora (pantomime) Yussuf
41 The Corsican Brothers Alfred Meynard, Baron de Montgiron
42 Cramond Brig Tarn Maxwell, James Birkie, King James
43 The Creole    Alphonse de Nyon
44 The Cricket on the Hearth Gruff Tackleton
45 The Critic Dangle
46 The Crown Prince Frederick Storke, Francis
47 The Custom of the Country Frank
48 Cymbeline Pisanio
49 Daddy Hardacre Adolphus Jobling
50 The Dancing Barber Alfred Fitzfrolic, Lord Mincington
51 David Copperfield David Copperfield
52 The Day After the Wedding Colonel Freelove, Lord Rivers
53 Deaf as a Post Captain Templeton
54 Diamond Cut Diamond Captain Seymour
55 Dombey and Son Mr. Dombey
56 Dominique the Deserter Count D'Anville
57 Don Caesar de Bazan Don José
58 Don Giovanni (extravaganza) Octavio
59 Don't judge by Appearances Frank Topham
60 Double Dummy John Timpkins
61 Douglas Lord Randolph
62 The Drapery Question Mr. Ogler
63 The Dream at Sea Richard Penderell
64 Dred Clayton
65 The Drunkard's Doom Rudolphus
66 The Dumb Maid of Genoa Count Corvenio, Antonio, Strapado
67  The Dumb Man of Manchester Mr. Palmerston
68  Ella Rosenberg Colonel Mountfort
69 The Enchanted Lake (extravaganza) A Cook
70 Esmeralda Claude Frollo
71 The Eton Boy Captain Popham
72 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Charles Digit
73 The Evil Genius Walmesley
74 Extremes Frank Hawthorn
75 The Fairy Circle Philip Blake
76 The Falls of Clyde Kenmure
77 A Fascinating lndividual Captain Thompson
78 Fazio Philario
79 The Fire Raiser Piers Talbot

The Flowers of the Forest 

Linton, Leybourne, Captain Laverock, Alfred, Ishmael
81 The Flying Dutchman Lieutenant Mowbray, Toby Varnish
82 The Fortunes of Nigel Lord Dalgarno
83 Forty and Fifty Altamont
84 The Foundling of the Forest Baron Longueville
85 Frankenstein Prince of Piombino
86 Fraud and Its Victims Count de Valmore, Alfred Seabourne
87 Frederick of Prussia Captain Niddermannersteinchwanchoingen
88 Ici on Parle Français (French Before Breakfast) Victor Dubois
89 The French Spy Didier
90 The Gaberlunzie Man The Organist
91 The Gamester Bates
92 The Gentle Shepherd Sir William Worthey
93 Gilderoy Carbine, Sergeant Musqueton, Gilderoy
94 The Gipsy Farmer Luke Hatfield
95 Giralda Don Manuel
96 Good for Nothing Charley, Young Mr. Simpson, Harry Collier
97 The Governor's Wife The Governor of Surinam
98 Grandfather Whitehead Langley
99 The Green Bushes Ned Keogh, George O'Kennedy
100 The Green Hills of the Far West Marston
101 Guy Mannering Henry Bertram, Dirk Hatterick, Colonel Mannering
102 Gwynneth Vaughan Evan Pritchard
103 Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh Cyril Baliol
104 Hamlet Guildenstern, Horatio, Claudius The Priest, The Ghost, Osric, Laertes
105 The Happiest Day of My Life Charles
106 A Hard Struggle Fergus Graham
107 Handy Andy Mr. Furlong
108 The Heart of Midlothian Black Frank, Duke of Argyll, Reuben Butler
109 Helping Hands Lord Quaverley
110 High Life Below Stairs Philip
111 His Last Legs Charles
112 Honesty is the Best Policy Captain Lejoyeux
113 The Honeymoon Lampedo, Lopez
114 The Hunchback Lord Tinsel, Sir Thomas Clifford
115 The Hunter of the Alps Marco
116 Hunting a Turtle Smatter
117 Ida May Kelly
118 The Idiot Witness Earl of Sussex
119 Ingomar Lykon, Myron
120 The Invincibles Captain Florville
121 Ireland As It Was Connor, M. Voyage
122 Irish-A-Honey Malden
123 Irish Assurance Captain Herbert
124 The Irish Emigrant Henry Travers
125 The Irish Lion Mackenzie, Captain Dixon
126 The Irish Post George Lane
127 The Irish Tiger Sir Charles Lavender
128 The Irish Tutor Charles
129 The Iron Chest Armstrong, Orson
130  Isabelle Coquin
131 Ivanhoe Sir Reginald Frondebouef
132 Jack Robinson and His Monkey José Rimiero
133 The Jacobite Sir Richard Wroughton
134 Jane Shore Belmont
135 Janet Pride George Heriot, Counsel for the prosecution
136 The Jersey Girl Dumouchard
136 Jessy Vere Sigismund Fanshawe
138 Joan of Arc Florine
139 John Overy  Baron Fitzjeffrey, Mayfly
140 Kenilworth (burlesque) Wayland Smith
141 King Henry VIII Earl of Surrey
142 King John Philip Faulconbridge, King of France
143 King Lear Curan
144 The King of the Peacocks (extravaganza) Franquille
145 King Rene' s Daughter Sir Almeric
146 The King's Musketeers Athos
147 The King's Wager Colonel Vane
148 The Knight of Arva Due de Charbonnes
149 The Ladies' Battle Gustave de Grignon
150 The Ladies' Club Sir Charles Lavender, Mr. Bookly
151 The Lady of Lyons Second Officer, Gervais, Beauseant, Claude Melnotte
152 The Lady of the Lake Malcolm Graeme
153 The Lamplighter Philip Arnold
154 The Last Man Henry Wentworth
155 The Laughing Hyena Simon Hornblower
156 Like and Unlike Louis
157 Little Bo-Peep (pantomime) Scruncher (The Wolf)
158 Little Dorrit Sparkler
159 The Little Treasure Sir Charles Howard, Captain Waiter Maydenblush
160 The Loan of a Lover Captain Amersfort
161 London Assurance Charles Courtly, Dazzle
162 The Lonely Man of the Ocean Wyndham Bowyer
163 Lord Darnley Lord Darnley, Earl Lumley, Will Eliott
164 The Lost Husband Lorain
165 The Lost Ship Ned Martin
166 The Lottery Ticket Charles
167 Louis XI

Tristan, Coitier

168 Love Ulrick
169 The Love Chase Neville, Master Waller
170 Lucille André
171 Luke the Labourer Squire Chase, Charles Maydew
172 Macbeth Seyton, Rosse, Banquo, Macduff
173 The Maid and the Magpie (burlesque) Fernando, Villabella
174 The Maid With the Milking Pail Algernon
175 The Man of the World Egerton
176 The Man With the Carpet Bag Wrangle
177 The Man With the Iron Mask D'Aubigné
178 Marianne the Vivandière Gaston de Montclar
179 Marie Antoinette Count de Provence
180 Marie Ducange Markland
181 The Marble Heart Frederick de Courcy
182 Marriage A Lottery Herbert Manifest
183 Married Life Frederick Younghusband, Lionel Lynx
184 Mary, Queen of Scots Lord Lyndsay, Jasper Drysdale
185 Masaniello (burlesque) Selva
186 Masks and Faces Snarl, Soaper
187 Matteo Falcone Brozzo, Gianetto, Sampiero
188 The May Queen Secretary Sampson
189 Medea Jason
190 Memoirs of the Devil De Ferney
191 Memorandums in the Red Book Count de Cerny
192 Mephistopheles (extravaganza) Marquis de Brancador
193 The Merchant of Venice Salarino, Bassanio
194 Michel Erle Phillip D'Arville
195 Midas (burlesque) Jupiter
196 The Middle Temple


197 The Middy Ashore Mr. Tonnish
198 The Midnight Watch Antoine Deval
199 The Miller of Whetstone Fabian Leslie
200 The Miller's Maid George
201 The Milliners' Holiday Lieutenant Bowling
202 Mind Your Own Business Mowbray
203 Mischief Making Henri Desgrais
204 The Momentous Question James Greenfield
205 Money Captain Dudley Smooth
206 Mother and Child are Doing Well Maxwell
207 Mr. and Mrs. Pringle John Brush
208 The Muleteer of Toledo Don Pedro
209 Music Hath Charms Adrien
210 My Aunt's Husband Captain Touchwood
211 My Poll and My Partner Joe Oakheart
212 My Precious Betsy Langford
213 The Mysterious Stranger Captain Gasconade
214 My Wife's Mother Edward Waverley
215 The Nervous Man Captain Burnish
216 Nicholas Nickleby Nicholas, Mantellini
217 No. 1 Round the Corner Flipper
218 Norah Creina Ned O'Grady
219 Not A Bad Judge Marquis de Treval
220 Not To Be Done Jonas Downeywag
221 Nothing Venture, Nothing Win Duke of Vendome
222 An Object of Interest Sydenham Simmerton
223 The Ocean of Life Hal Harsfield
224 The Old Gentleman Charles Benedict
225 Old Joe and Young Joe Frederick
226 Oliver Twist Monks, Leeford
227 The Orphan of Glencoe Colonel Campbell
228 Othello Messenger, Montana, Cassio
229 Our Gal Henry Seymour
230 Our Mary Anne Colonel Albert
231 Our Wife The Marquis de Ligny
232 Paddy Miles' s Boy Henry
233 The Padlock Leander
234 The Patrician's Daughter Lister
235 Paul Pry Harry Stanley
236 Perdita; or, The Royal Milkmaid (burlesque) Camillo
237 Perfection Charles Paragon
238 Perourou, The Bellows Mender Felix Raymond
239 Peter Bell, The Waggoner Dubois
240 The Pilot Lieutenant Griffiths, Captain Manson, The Pilot
241 A Pleasant Neighbour Sir George
242 Plot and Passion Berthier, M. de Cevennes
243 Pluto and Proserpine (burlesque) Minos
244 A Poor Girl's Temptation Walter Warren
245 The Porter's Knot Augustus Burr
246 P.P.; or The Man and the Tiger Lieutenant Fusile, Mr. Somerhill
247 Prince Charles Edward Stuart Prince Charles
248 A Prince for an Hour Colonel Pazzi
249 Puss in Boots (pantomime) An Ogre, A Demon
250 Quake, Shake and Simon Bolding
251 Queen Mary's Bower Lieutenant Wentworth
252 Raby Rattler Frank Floss
253 The Ragpicker of Paris Count St. Fruilan, Baron Hoffman
254 Raymond and Agnes Raymond, Jacques
255 The Rendezvous Bolding
256 The Rent Day Toby Heywood
257 The Revenge Carlos
258 The Review Captain Beaugard
259 Richard III Catesby, Henry VI, Richmond
260 Richelieu Due d'Orléans, Louis XIII
261 The Rifle Brigade Captain Nugent
262 The Rival Pages Marquis de Preville
263 The Rivals Fag, Faulkland, Captain Absolute
264 Robert Macaire Charles Dumont
265 Robert The Bruce Comyn
266 Robinson Crusoe Jack Wind
267 Rob Roy Francis Osbaldiston, Rashleigh Osbaldiston, Rob Roy
268 A Roland for an Oliver The Gamekeeper, Alfred Highflyer
269 Romeo and Juliet Paris, Tybalt
270 Rory O'More De Lacy
271 Rule a Wife, and Have a Wife Alonzo, The Duke
272 Rural Felicity Unit
273 Saint Clair of the Isles Roskelyn
274 St. Mary's Eve Robert Vaughan
275 St. Patrick's Eve Francis, Baron Trenck
276 Samuel in Search of Himself Samuel
277 Sandy McDonald Harry Frampton
278 The Scholar Frederick
279 The School for Scandal Careless
280 The Secret Dupuis
281 Self Accusation Luke Brandon
282 The Sentinel Prince
283 The Serious Family Frank Vincent
284 She Stoops to Conquer Jeremy
285 Shocking Events Captain Spoff
286 The Siamese Twins Captain Vivid
287 Simpson and Co. Mr. Bromley
288 Single Life Charles Chester, Narcissus Boss
289 Sixteen String Jack Horace Mordaunt
290 The Slave Somerdyke
291 The Sleeping Beauty (pantomime) Venoma [a female part]
292 The Soldier's Daughter Young Malfort, Frank Heartall
293 Somebody Else Hans Moritz
294 La Somnambula (burlesque) Count Rodolpho
295 The Somnambulist M. de Rosembert
296 The Son of the Night Count D'Orbani
297 The Spectre Bridegroom Captain Vauntington, Mr. Nicodemus
298 The Spitalfields Weaver Darville
299 The Spitfire Captain Shortcut
300 The Spoiled Child Tagg
301 Spring Gardens Lord Lovel
302 State Secrets Calverton Hall
303 Still Waters Run Deep Dunbilk
304 The Stranger Count Wintersen, Francis
305 Susan Hopley Andrew Hopley
306 Sweethearts and Wives Sandford, Charles Franklin
307 The Taming of the Shrew Hortensio, Biondello, Petruchio
308 Teddy the Tiler Henry
309 Therese; or, The Orphan of Geneva Fontaine
310 Time Tries All Charles Clinton, Matthew Bates
311 Tom Cringle Alfred, Mat Ironhand
312 The Toodles George Acorn, Fenton
313 The Trumpeter's Daughter Philliput
314 'Twas I Delorme
315 The Two Gregories John Bull
316 The Vagrant Maillard
317 Victims Herbert Fitzherbert
318 Victorine Macaire
319 The Virginia Mummy Charles
320 Virginius Appius Claudius, Soldier
321 Wallace: The Hero of Scotland Monteith
322 The Wandering Boys Gregoire, Comte de Croissy, Roland
323 Wanted 1,000 Milliners Tom Tipton
324 Warlock of the Glen Clanronald
325 The Water Witches Charles Chester
326 Where There's a Will Don Lopez, Don Scipio
327 The Widow's Victim Mr. Twitter
328 The Wife: A Tale of Mantua Count Florio, Leonardo Gonzago
329 William Tell Michael, Gessler
330 The Winter's Tale Cleomenes, The Third Gentleman, Florizel
331 The Woman Hater Frederick
332 The Wonder Frederick
333 The Wraith of the Lake Charles Alison
334 The Wreck Ashore Walter Barnard
335 The Writing on the Wall Sir Philip Eaton, Richard Oliver
336 The Young Mother Frank Melrose
337 The  Young Scamp Arthur
338 Your Life's in Danger Krakwitz


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Irving, L. Henry Irving: The Actor and His World. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1952.







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