Henry White (1819–1903)

A British photographer, White was a lawyer by trade, and an amateur photographer, active between 1854 to around 1864. He was one of the first landscape photographers, setting the standard for the genre in his day, and was considered the best in this field. He began to exhibit in 1855, attracting the attention of the photographic societies in England and Scotland. In 1857, his works were exhibited at the Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition, and in 1855, he won the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. In 1862, he exhibited at the International Exhibition. In 1886, he won the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of Photography in Brussels. He was a member of the Photographic Society and became its president. His subjects were mostly landscapes and rural scenes, featuring rivers, fields, and vegetation. Many of his works were set in Surrey. He was a highly celebrated photographer in his day, renowned for his remarkable talent and technical ability.









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