Antonio Sorgato (1825–1885)

Born at Padua, Sorgato was an Italian photographer, and grandson of the artists, Antonio Maria Sorgato. He studied painting under Vincenzo Gazzotto, and won a prize for one of his works at Padua in 1856, but he then chose to pursue photography instead, dedicating himself to the daguerreotype. He opened his first studio at Padua, and won a prize at the Venetian Industrial Exhibition in 1865. He moved to Venice and opened a studio there. Celebrated for his technical and artistic skills, he exhibited frequently and won numerous awards over the years, both in Italy and internationally. Enjoying great success with his portraits, costume photographs, and photographic models for paintings, he opened a studio at Bologna and Modena in 1870, and took over the studio of Giovanni Nascimbeni at Udine in 1877. Sorgato died at Venice.









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