Clément Maurice (1853–1933)

A Paris photographer, camera operator and the first cinema manager, Maurice was born at Aiguillon and worked at the Lumière photographic factory at Monplaisir. He became a friend of Antoine Lumière and his sons, who were to influence his career in cinematography. He was also acquainted with Méliès and met with him often. Maurice later had his own shop which was next to George Méliès Robert Houdin theatre. He started the first Lumière Cinématographe screenings at the Grand Café in 1895 and continued to manage these for some time. He also worked as a camera operator for the surgeon Eugène-Louis Doyen who filmed his own operations. In 1898, he was awarded first prize at the world's first competition held in Monaco for his film Monaco vivant par les appareils cinématographiques. With Henri Lioret, he devised the Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre in 1900 at the Paris Exposition. As a photographer, he specialised in portraits, particularly of theatre, ballet, and opera stars. Maurice died at Sanary-sur-Mer.









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