Charles Clifford (1819?–1863)

Clifford was a Welsh photographer who resided at Madrid and is considered one of the finest photographers of his time, and a pioneer of commercial photography in Spain. Active in Madrid between 1850 until his death, his subjects were mostly classical architecture, landscapes, and scenes of everyday life in Spain, and also portraiture, which he executed in daguerreotype, calotype, and wet plate collodion. He continued to maintain his links with his country of birth as a member of the British community residing abroad through regular visits, to exhibit his Spanish works, and as a photographer of Queen Victoria. He was possibly court photographer to Queen Isabella II of Spain, or at the very least, enjoyed her royal patronage. She often gave away albums of his works as presents. He also received a number of government commissions through which many buildings, monuments, and government construction projects have been documented. He was a prolific photographer and also produced a number of important photographic publications. Clifford's style was direct and visually engaging, and his photographs are of a high technical standard, with his use of light and space showing an exceptional skill, although he was less concerned with architectural accuracy and geometry. He died at Madrid.









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