The Tempest

The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, is believed to have been written in 1610–1611. It seems to have been written for private performance, being a third shorter than his average plays. It has been suggested that its present form is an abridgement by Beaumont in about 1613, for rendition at the wedding of Princess Elizabeth. The play seems to be one of Shakespeare's last works, first printed in the folio of 1623. Its sources are principally books of travel, with no basis in the life of the times. It is often regarded as one of Shakespeare's most complex and magical works. The play is set on a remote island where Prospero, a wronged duke, seeks revenge on those who have exiled him. Through his magical powers, he conjures a storm that shipwrecks his enemies on the island and orchestrates a series of events that lead to their repentance and reconciliation. It is a play about power, forgiveness, and reconciliation, and it has been interpreted in many different ways over the centuries.









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