Admont Abbey Library, Austria
Photograph by  D. Valdemaras, 2019

The Admont Abbey Library, situated within the Benedictine monastery of Admont in Austria, stands as a majestic testament to both Baroque architecture and the enduring pursuit of knowledge. Constructed between 1774 and 1776, this library is the largest monastic library in the world and is celebrated for its grandeur and beauty. Its stunning frescoes, painted by Bartolomeo Altomonte, depict various themes such as the stages of human knowledge and the interplay between divine revelation and human reason. Housing over 70,000 volumes, including precious manuscripts and incunabula, the library's collection spans a wide range of disciplines including theology, philosophy, science, and literature. The library's design, with its intricate woodwork, elaborate stucco decorations, and a ceiling adorned with celestial motifs, creates an atmosphere of reverence and scholarly inspiration.





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