Alternative parentage: Iapetus and Clymene (1),[H45] Uranus and Clymene,[15B] Eurymedon and Uranus and Hera,[15B] Themis[15B]

Possessed the power of prophecy.[H45] According to one tradition, he stole fire from heaven, for which offence Iapetus chained him to a rock or pillar, and an eagle daily devoured his liver, which was nightly restored. Aeschylus represents him as an immortal being, a benefactor of men, the giver of fire, and a heroic sufferer, who was oppressed by the power of Iapetus, but maintained an inflexible spirit until he was liberated by Hercules. His name signifies 'forethought'. Some authors relate that he created a man out of clay and animated him with fire which he stole from heaven.[Q35B]

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