Tom Cribb

Other names Black Diamond[F76]


Bare-knuckle boxer champion[J92]

Son of Thomas and Hannah Cribb, he moved to London at the age of thirteen and worked as a bell hanger, and then as a porter at the wharves.[F76]
Later, a coal porter, and a sailor, he began his boxing career in 1805, and was to become one of the most successful English boxers.[J92]
His first boxing victory was in 1805 against George Maddox. Other notable victories include matches with Bill Richmond, 1810;[J92] the famous Jem Belcher, 1807 and 1809; Tom Molineaux, 1810 and 1811.[F76]
His wife was apparently Elizabeth Warr whom he married in 1809.[F76]
A page for the coronation of George IV, 1821.[J92]
Retired from boxing, 1822, and became a landlord for various pubs in London.[F76]
Forced to give up his last pub that he managed, the Union Arms, to his creditors, 1839.[F76]

Place of birth: Hanham, Gloucestershire[F76]
Place of marriage: St Pancras Old Church[F76]
Place of death: Woolwich, London[F76]
Place of burial: St Mary's churchyard, Woolwich[F76]



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