Peter Carl Fabergé


Knight of the Legion of Honour, 1900 (France)[L57]

Positions Held

Court jeweller to King Oscar II of Sweden, 1897[L57]
Jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court[U41]
Purveyor to the Russian imperial court, 1885[L57]


Jeweller, goldsmith, and silversmith.[L57]
Employed in the repair and restoration of pieces in the Imperial Hermitage, 1870.[L57]
Took over his father's firm Fabergé, 1882.[L57]
Granted the right to display the imperial arms, 1896.[L57]
Commissioned to create the first imperial Fabergé egg in 1895.[U41]
His business was nationalised and his assets were confiscated in 1918.[L57]
Fled Russia and settle in Germany, 1918, and then Switzerland, 1920.[L57]

Place of birth: St Petersburg[L57]
Place of death: Pully, near Lausanne[L57]
Place of burial: Cannes[L57]



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