Johann Martin von Rohden


A painter.[F6G]
Trained at the Kasseler Akademie.[E6T]
His first trip to Rome was in 1795.[E6T]
Was influenced by Joseph Anton Koch, Johann Christian Reinhart, and Philipp Hackert.
Returned to Germany in 1801, and won first prize at the Weimar Prize Competition for his landscape painting.[E6T]
Lived in Rome again until 1811 and returned to Germany where he became acquainted with the Brothers Grimm, and Goethe.[E6T]
Back in Rome, 1812-25, and then returned to Germany to become court painter to the Elector Wilhelm II.[E6T]
Converted to Catholicism, 1815.[E6T]
Member of the Prussian Academy of Arts, 1820.[E6T]
Returned to Italy permanently, 1829.[E6T]

Place of birth: Kassel[E6T]
Place of marriage: Tivoli[E6T]
Place of death: Rome[E6T]
Place of burial: St Peter's, Rome[E6T]



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