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Ulugh Beg
Ruler of the Timurid Empire

Other names: Muhammad Taraghai[T3E]

Other Titles

Lord of Transoxiana, 1447-49†[I83B]
Lord of Samarkand, 1409[I83B]
Lord of Mazandaran, 1407[I83B]
Lord of Khorasan, 1406-09[I83B]
Lord of Tashkent, 1404[I83B]
Lord of Moghulistan, 1404[I83B]

Main Events

He received the fiefs of Tashkent, Sayram, Yängi (Auliya-ata), Ashpara and Moghulistan, 1404.[I83B]  He was defeated and murdered by his son Abd al-Latif.[S39]

Place of birth: Sultaniyya Fort[O27]
Place of death: near Samarkand[S39]


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