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Muhammad Azim 'Aziz-al-Shah

Other names: Azim ush-Shan Bahadur

Positions Held

Subedar of Bengal 1697-1712†


The second son of the emperor Bahadur Shah, he was appointed by his grandfather, the emperor 'Alamgir, governor of Bengal; he made Patna the seat of his government and named it Azimabad. On the news of his grandfather's death, leaving his own son Farrukhsiar (afterwards emperor) to superintend the affairs of that country, he came to Agra, and was present in the battle which took place between his father and his uncle 'Azam Shah, in June 1707. He was slain in the battle which ensued after his father's death between Jahandar Shah and his other brothers in February 1712. It was said that he perished with his war elephant when it was hit by a cannon ball and it lunged into a river.

Place of birth: Aurangabad




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