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Michele di Nardo

Positions Held

Gonfaloniere of Justice of the Signoria of Florence, 1359 (representing the Santa Croce quarter)
A prior of the Signoria of Florence, 1350, 1354, 1364, 1367 and 1373 (representing the Santa Croce quarter)
One of the Dodici Buonomini of Florence, 1350, 1354-55, 1358, 1363, 1368, and 1371 (representing the Santa Croce quarter)
One of the sixteen Gonfalonieri di Compagnia, 1351-52, 1356, 1362-63, 1366 and 1369-70 (representing the Santa Croce quarter, gonfalone Carro)
Magistrate of the Sedici Gonfaloniere di Compagnia


A member of the mercers guild of Florence. His will was drawn up in 1374.



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