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Li Te

Other names: Shizu (temple name),[F18] Xuanxiu (sobriquet)[F18]


King Jing of Chengdu, 306 (posthumous)[F18]

Positions Held

Dou Rong, 301[F18]
Pastor of Yi Province, 301[F18]
Commissioner Bearing Credentials, 301[F18]
Great Inspector-General, 301[F18]
Great General Stabilising the North, 301[F18]
Provincial Governor of Yizhou (self-declared)[T49]


Originally from of Ba-Cong, Li Te migrated to Hanchuan (Hanzhong region).[F18]  In 298, he led over 100,000 refugees from Lueyang into Yizhou.[T49]  In 301, he overthrew the local government in an uprising and assumed rule in Chengdu, He was defeated in battle against the Jin, captured and beheaded.[F18]


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