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Li Shou
Emperor of Cheng-Han

Other names: Wukao (sobriquet)[F18]

Other Titles

King of Han, 334[F18]
Duke of Fufeng[F18]

Positions Held

Regent for the Emperor Li Ban, 334[F18]
General of the Van
Colonel of the Eastern Qiang, 334[F18]
Capital Protector, 334[F18]
Great Inspector-General, 334[F18]
Governor of Liang Province, 334[F18]
Overseer of the Affairs of the Imperial Secretariat, 334[F18]
General of the Eastern Expedition[F18]
Palace Attendant[F18]


In 332, Li Shou conquered Ning Province. In 338, he iInvaded Chengdu. He changed the name of his territory from Chengdu to Cheng-Han.[F18]


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