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Royal Genealogy

Ferdinando Tomasi
4th Principe di Lampedusa

Other Titles and Honours

5th Duca di Palma, 1698-1764 (inv. 1699) (ren. in favour of his son)[J8]
Barone di Montechiaro, 1698 (inv. 1699)[J8]
Barone della Torretta, 1698 (inv. 1699)[J8]
Patrician of Rome, 1746[J8]
Grandee of Spain, First Class, 1724[J8]
Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Vatican)[J8]

Positions Held

Maestro razionale di cappa corta del Regio Patrimonio, 1754 (Naples)[J8]
Royal Vicar, 1743 and 1753[J8]
Gentleman of the Chamber to Emperor Charles VI, 1737[J8]
Member of Parliament of the Kingdom of Sicily, 1732 and 1754[J8]
Praetor of Palermo, 1729-30, 1746-47 and 1747-48[J8]
Captain of Justice of Palermo, 1719-20 and 1720-21[J8]
Governor of the Company of Peace in Palermo, 1717[J8]

Main Events

Place of birth and death: Palermo[J8]



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