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Royal Genealogy

Philippe Mazarini-Mancini
11th Duc de Nevers

Other names: Philippe-Jules-François[2]

Other Titles and Honours

Duc de Nevers et de Donziois, 1707-30, resigned (inv. 1720)[4]
Prince de Vergange, 1709-30, resigned[4]
Comte de Donzy[4]
Peer of France, 1707 (inv. 1720)[4]
Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, 1715[4]
Noble of Venice[2]
Grandee of Spain, First Class, 1715[4]

Positions Held

Governor and lieutenant general of Nevers and of Donziois[4]
Governor of Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier[4]


Relinquished his titles in favour of his son, 1730.[4]

Place of birth: Paris[4]
Place of marriage: Louvre[10]
Place of death: Louvre[10]


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