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Cardinal Carlo Vittorio delle Lanze

Other names: Carlo Vittorio Amedeo Ignazio


Cardinal Priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina 1783–84†
Secretary of the Sacred Congregation of the Tridentine Council 1775–84†
President of the ecclesiastical council 1773
Cardinal Priest of Santa Prassede 1763–83
Cardinal Priest of Sant'Anastasia 1758-63
Abbot (nullius) of San Benigno di Fruttuaria 1749
Cardinal Priest of San Sisto 1747–58
Archbishop of Nicosia (titular) 1747–73 res.
Cardinal deacon of Santi Cosma e Damiano 1747
Commendatory abbot of Santa Maria di Lucedio 1747
Grand almoner of the court of King Carlo Emanuele III of Sardinia 1746–73
Pro-chaplain of the court of King Carlo Emanuele III of Sardinia 1746–73
Abbot (nullius) of San Giusto di Susa 1743–49
Deacon 1736
Subdeacon 1731

After his mother's death in 1721, and his father's departure for Savoy as governor, Vittorio Amedeo was sent to Chambéry. He began with a military career, but changed to a religious one and joined the Canons Regular of Sainte-Geneviéve in Paris in 1730. Later, his father sent him to Rome where he continued his religious studies at the Pontifical Academy of Ecclesiastical Nobles. He returned to Piedmont in 1732 to study philosophy at the University of Turin. He celebrated his first mass in 1736 in the Barnabite church of S. Dalmazzo, Turin. He then moved into the abbey of San Benigno di Fruttuaria. In 1749, he consecrated the church at Superga, and in 1750, he married King Vittorio Amedeo III and the Infanta of Spain. Soon after, he presided over the Shroud of Turin, and in the following year, he was involved in the translation of the body of San Carlo Borromeo. He took part in the conclave of 1758 which elected Pope Clement XIII, the conclave of 1769 electing Pope Clement XIV, and the conclave of 1774-75 electing Pope Pius VI.

Place of birth: Turin
Place of death: Abbey of San Benigno di Fruttuaria
Place of burial: Abbey of San Benigno di Fruttuaria

Son of Carlo Francesco, conte delle Lanze, and Barbara Piossasco di Piobesi.

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